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Mountain Equipment Co-op

Mountain Equipment Co-Op Includes custom fabrication and installation of a 100ft long walkway cover and a custom MEC sign.

River Rock Translink Bus Shelters

The Steel Guys provided custom fabrication and installed nine large bus shelters for bus passengers in an extremely accelerated work schedule.

Mica Dam

Mica Dam included the supply and install of a complete new mezzanine within the existing structure. Approximately 500 tonnes of steel were used for this project.

Concord Handrails

The Steel guys removed, reworked, custom painted and reinstalled 5,000 feet of Seawall handrail that was built for Expo ’86, but did not comply with codes from the 2,000’s.

Queen Elizabeth Park
The Steel Guys provided custom fabricated supports for benches and canopies as well as a round building designed for marriage ceremonies.

David Lam Park – Canopy

The Steel Guys supplied and installed a custom canopy and bus shelter for the Aqua Bus terminal in False Creek.
Vancouver Law Courts
The Steel Guys provided custom fabricated steel for the law courts for security openings. All was supplied and installed while the building was operational.

Vancouver Convention Center

The Steel Guys supplied and installed inverted ‘hockey sticks’ that provide covered benches and lighting for the Jack Poole Plaza. The Steel Guys also supplied and installed a custom canopy and skylight structures for the Vancouver Trade and Convention Center. This was very heavy and complicated construction as The Steel Guys had to supply an extremely heavy structure on top of an existing structure.

False Creek

The Steel Guys provided all steel for the Marina Side Quay, including electrical cabinets and the custom bus shelter for the aqua bus. The project consisted of complicated fabricating and machining combined and installed on the water.
Cariboo Pulp & Paper
The Steel Guys fabricated and provided the complete structure of a complete mezzanine: handrails, access stairs, grating and structural steel.